I am a little old fashioned…. Want to talk to a real person that will answer all your questions right now. Then, please call me on 0405556882 between 4pm – 5pm.

PRIVATE Beginners: Learn at your own pace through one-on-one instruction, customised to your needs and proficiency in Spanish. The course material is based on the students’ ability to master it.

PRIVATE Intermediate: These private lessons are addressed to people that possess a good knowledge of Spanish and would like to continue perfecting their communicative skills.

BEGINNERS GROUP: This beginners course requires” No” prior knowledge of the language. Ideal for a quick stepping stone to start one’s path to mastering the Spanish language. The course will introduce basic greetings and the sharing of personal information, introductions, numbers, courtesy phrases, verbs- how they work and much more with lots of practice time that will compliment your learned vocabulary. FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES on our next Beginners Course. Note: If I receive enough numbers, any course can be changed to suit.  Everything is fluid!

CONVERSATION SPANISH: This course is addressed to people who have some previous Spanish knowledge of the language and want to move further. Emphasis is placed on the communicative aspect of the language. 

 Nos vemos pronto.