Welcome to my Newcastle Spanish Lessons page. My name is Jacqueline and I have been teaching Spanish for 18 years. I was born in Uruguay and have also lived and studied in Argentina. So not only am I a native of South America but also all of my qualifications are Australian.

One of the questions I find people often ask me is if it’s possible to sound like a native speaker. That, of course, depends entirely on the individual. Really focused pronunciation practice can yield great results. I do believe you can provide a person with the tools they need to improve significantly. If you want to know how to acquire native-like pronunciation, if there is an answer to be found, it’s inside you. So, yes it is possible!

Spanish sounds different and uses different sounds. Different muscles are employed. The mouth, cheeks, nose, and tongue, along with breathing in or out, may be combined in almost endless ways. Spanish varies from pronouncing the letter “eñe” in Spanish or rolling the tongue to make an “erre” sound.

The classic division is usually made between Spanish from Spain (Castilian Spanish) and Spanish from South America. However, there are variations of Spanish between regions and countries. If you’re lucky enough to live or visit a Spanish speaking country for an extended period then you will gradually acquire the accent spoken there.

Many South Americans pick my accent straight away (when we speak Spanish together) and instinctively know where I’m from. This happened a lot when I ran my very own South American restaurant. However in saying so, what I do teach is the Spanish that is spoken and understood in the countries where Spanish is the official language, and believe me there are many!(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_where_Spanish_is_an_official_language ). The two main reasons I  teach Spanish this way is, firstly because it follows the RAE (The Royal Spanish Academy) which is the official royal institution responsible for overseeing the Spanish language, and secondly, I believe that one should own their very own and distinct accent (instead of mimicking their tutors). You will pick up a particular accent when you spend enough time in the Spanish speaking country that touches your heart the most… ¡Buena suerte in your travels!